How to Write a Book

The answer to the dilemma of how to write a book is not an easy one. There are no simple solutions that will allow you to write a best seller in very little time. When you decide you want to write a book, the first thing you have to deicide is the genre in which you wish to write. It may be a genre that you have a particular interest in reading or one in which there are not many topics on an area in which you have expertise. One way of doing this is to search the sites of booksellers, such as Amazon, to find the best selling topics.

Do you want to write a full-length novel or a children’s book? Maybe you have an interest in an ebook on a specific topic. Either way, writing the book involves planning, which is called brainstorming. Sit down with your pen and paper and brainstorm a list of topics until you arrive at one that you would be really interested in. Most writers have notebooks that they carry around with them so tat when thy notice something of interest or when an idea pops into their mind, they can immediately write it down. If you want to write a book of your experiences, you can start by listing the most significant ones that you definitely want to include.

What characters will you have in your book? This is a major part of the book so you have to at least have a description of what the characters look like and what traits they will portray. You don’t have to give them names at this stage, as this can come later.

The plot of the book is the main storyline. Every book has a plot and its development is essential to the writing process. There are various ways you can develop a rudimentary outline of the plot from making a story map or web or writing down important events that you will include. Here you can also associate different actions to the characters that will be involved in the plot. You can also have several subplots that all intertwined with the main action of the book.

Every book must have a setting, which sets the stage for the development of the plot. The setting does not have to remain the same, but can change throughout the writing to accommodate the changes in characters and the various parts of the plot. The action does rise and lead to the climax, which is the turning point at which time you start to wind sown the writing to bring the book to a close, which is the resolution.

When you do start to write, you should choose a place where you are comfortable. This location should also be free of distractions so your concentration will remain intact. Although you can sit and write everything out on paper, most writers now use word processors, so that they can reread what they have written and make changes as they go along.

Once you have the book completed, you do have to proofread for typos and mistakes in spelling and grammar. Then your next chore is to find a publisher for this great work.